2021 And the Harp Re-Strung

Continuing with the theme of "singing a bardic song" of one's life, I poetized (to coin a term) my accomplishments for 2021 in a rough-draft poem -- emphasis on the word "rough." I want to get this out while the year is still New instead of dicking with it until February and then not publishing … Continue reading 2021 And the Harp Re-Strung

….We Interrupt This New Year’s Eve:

I sat down to write about my accomplishments this year, only to have that moment of self-satisfaction interrupted by news of the deaths of two significant human souls: the beloved Betty White, of course; but also the Reverend Paul Beyerl, a Wiccan Priest and author of The Master Book of Herbalism, A Wiccan Bardo, and … Continue reading ….We Interrupt This New Year’s Eve:

Generational categories are stupid. Stop it.

They're more than stupid: they don't really exist, except for one. Here's a 2014 excerpt from The Atlantic:* So no, you are not a Gen-X'er, or Millennial, or Gen Z, or whatever other kind of bullshit,  stereotyped category the media and pop culture want to slot you into. [FWIW, I also believe the Boomer category is … Continue reading Generational categories are stupid. Stop it.

Harvest Home

Hey, there's a cool little traditional hornpipe melody called "Harvest Home." You can listen to it while you read. I don't know how it rolls where you are, but in my experience, the Fall Equinox usually feels like a big ol' nothing-burger of a holiday. And that's too bad. Imma gonna try to fix that … Continue reading Harvest Home

Retrograde Remediation

The Mercury Retrograde last month worried me. Sometimes, I don't even notice Mercury Retrograde; other times, it has a more dramatic effect, such as my car accident of 2012. This retrograde had some other volatile astrological factors that I felt would turn up the heat (two eclipses, Saturn issues, among others). So, like, literally the … Continue reading Retrograde Remediation