….We Interrupt This New Year’s Eve:

I sat down to write about my accomplishments this year, only to have that moment of self-satisfaction interrupted by news of the deaths of two significant human souls: the beloved Betty White, of course; but also the Reverend Paul Beyerl, a Wiccan Priest and author of The Master Book of Herbalism, A Wiccan Bardo, and other books widely respected within the greater Pagan scene.

In the old days, one’s life would be transformed into verse and sung by the poets; your deeds would become spells to inspire younger folk in manifesting their own destinies. Nowadays your life is reduced to the briefest of obituaries or, for a famous person, a newspaper article as tedious as a job resumé. But shouldn’t we bring back the idea of a person’s life as a song, and a spell, and a standing wave of Power? And every time you sing that song, the person’s deeds come back to life and potentially re-manifest in others lives.

Can you think of your life as a song? How about your year, even? I’ll write my recitation of 2021 accomplishments, but I’ll write it as lyric and sing it to you, and sing it to myself, so that the magick, paltry as it may have been, continues into 2022 and beyond.

Paul Beyerl wrote a song for what he expected to become after death, in the bardo, that is, in the state between the release from one incarnation and the entry into another:

“I am the voice of the Beloved. Mine is the song of the Universe in motion…I am the sighing of the Wind, the feathered sound of a bird’s flight…Mine is the rhythm of all hearts; those alive as you hear my words, those passed before me into the Summerland; and those who have yet to walk upon the Earth…I am the voice of the Beloved. My song is that of the starred night, the cry of a baby wanting milk, the dance of a hummingbird who takes nectar from the bloom… I am the sound of a cloud gliding across the sky, sailing towards the Mother… I am the voice of thunder, giving birth to the sky-fires… I am the sound of prayer, and the sound of dying. I am the wail of a baby’s first cry; and my name is called when you make love, for I am all words at all times, and I am Everything…I am the voice of the Beloved. If you listen to a flower break the soil at Spring, you shall hear my song… If you listen to the soaring dandelion fluff in the breeze, you shall hear my words… I am the turning of the Seasons and the passing of Human Ages, for I am the sound of all life and I am Everything.I am the voice of the Beloved. Call upon me with the name of the stars. Know me as One with the Ancients, but no longer call me by my old name, for I am becoming One with the Universe…I am a new star in the night… I am the gentle drop of rain upon your garden… I dance with the Lady and I am the music found in the Lord’s pipes…I am One, I am All… And as time makes its Circle, I shall be reborn…” (From A Wiccan Bardo: Initiation and Self-Transformation, by Paul V. Beyerl. Prism Press, 1989.)

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