2021 And the Harp Re-Strung

Continuing with the theme of “singing a bardic song” of one’s life, I poetized (to coin a term) my accomplishments for 2021 in a rough-draft poem — emphasis on the word “rough.” I want to get this out while the year is still New instead of dicking with it until February and then not publishing it at all. I’m sure each verse will be explored in further posts.

Appropriately enough, today’s Tarot card was the Explorer of Fire from the stunning Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The Explorer’s Affirmation is “I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity.” She doesn’t dally; she jumps right in, although she does practice.

I sing of Lady Hawthorn, my salvatrix, my ally! Praise to Her, berry, leaf, and thorn. For my heart’s anger broke my rhythm and poisoned my song. Hawthorn came to me and set my dance a-right, She tuned my harp and replaced strings long frayed. I sing the praise of Lady Hawthorn! May Her song echo long!

I sing about the year of Twenty-Twenty One
I sing about my deeds
It was a year of flourishing growth
The blossoming of seeds…

I sing of native plants that grow
In fields and forests near
I found a group of people
Who cherish these rooted beings like I do
And we joined together in common cause
I helped us organize
We journeyed to the Croatan
Wandering in the wild
Admiring the spontaneous beauty that
Erupts in Nature close at hand
Mourning the blossoms untimely mowed
And we met at farmer’s markets
And we taught people the value
Of the flowers and bees and moths
That evolved together and
How each needs the other
And the future is bright with these friends.
I sing of history, of names made famous by 
Buildings and streets and houses
The old names made fresh again,
The Ancestors living again,
Stories of their lives through peace and war
That feels all too familiar.
They got through it, and perhaps that means we will, too.
Aren’t these truths self-evident?
I dress as did the women of old
Linen shifts my spirit to 1776
I cook over the open flame
I build the fire with flint and tinder and steel
I recite the antique names of my Ancestresses
Magdalen, Hope, Comfort, and Serene.

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